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Anhui AICS  Technology Group Co., Ltd. is an instruments and special cable developer and manufacturer which rises in recent years in China......



During the “12th Five-year Plan” period, AICS Group will focus on technological innovation, develop new environmentally friendly low-carbon products vigorously, develop a number of new products filling domestic blank and reaching international advanced level in technology, master core product technology and independent intellectual property rights, and form industrialization.




Anhui AICS Technology Group Co., Ltd. Technology Center, set up in 2009, the Group’s highest level of technology research and development organization, is composed of Group technical personnel and employed researchers and is responsible for technological demonstration, declaration, approval and implementation of the Group’s major technology programs and technological transformation projects, the R&D and improvements of the Group’s new products, new materials and new processes, as well as the Group’s standardized management, scientific and technical information gathering, technology management, etc.